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Lamp Details

Cords, Bulbs and Shades

All lamps use standard (e-26) sockets and you can choose the incandescent or LED bulb of your choice. Lamps that use 5" globe bulbs come with the bulb shown. The amber LED bulbs on the Cottage Lamp and Spring Lamps are available on Amazon or a nice hardware store. 

All lamps are made with UL parts but a UL certification will incur an extra charge (and extra time). Table lamps are considered portables and generally do not require UL certification for residential or commercial projects. But please send us an email if you need a quote!

Smaller lamps use clear plastic cord, larger lamps use cloth covered twisted cord. If you have a preference let us know. 

Please inquire about custom color dyed lamp shades!

Most of our lamps are made to order, feel free to inquire about custom height or color. Wood varies in color too - we love using poplar because it's range of colors from light and bright to sandy brown to olively green goes well with our preferred palette. 

International Wiring

We are more than happy to wire for countries outside of the United States. Email us for an estimate on wiring and shipping to countries around the world. 

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