Spring 2020. My family and I are  healthy, relatively sane and productive on this third  month of sheltering.  I'm making a lot of new work and am excited to share it with you. It's hard to self  promote at the moment with so much unrest in our country. Stay safe. 


Field & Supply Fall 2019

We shared a booth with the lovely Lowland Studio this year, and will do again. We think our work looked great together. The porcelain globes glowed beautifully and was a nice contrast to the new wood and brass  wall hangings we introduced.  

We designed and fabricated about 300  squares of this tile design for a  Aragosta   , a new restaurant   in Maine. The white glaze reminded their designer of seashells but the pattern is modern.   This installation is  in their entryway. 

Custom Tile


We had multiple pieces shown in the garden of the first Kingston Design Showhouse. A custom    brass screen, hanging planters and sculptures.  Designed by Kat Hammill and Scott Zimmer. 

Kingston Design Showhouse

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