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Learn Slip Casting - October 13/14 and 20/21, 2018

I’d love to welcome you into my studio (we will actually be meeting at the Shirt Factory in Kingston, not my studio but a great location. I will fire everything at my studio in Hurley, which you are welcome to visit) for four days this fall to learn how to how make two part plaster molds and cast your ceramic pieces. For this class, we will be casting found objects in plaster, then clay, which you can fire and glaze in my kiln. You will leave with a knowledge of how to translate your designs into 3 dimensional models to make more complex plaster molds. Cups, vases, plant pots and jewelry are just a few examples of what slip casting is great for.  

*Slip is liquid clay :) No ceramics experience necessary although some knowledge of the basics could help.

All materials will be provided - tools, plaster, clay and casting materials. Some glazes will be provided but you may need to buy some if you are interested in a specific color!

About me - I’ve been slip casting my designs for 18 years under the brand name Perch. I learned the tricks of the trade and Pratt Institute where I studied Industrial Design and Iowa State University where I studied Fine Arts.

I taught a similar class at Parsons School of Design before moving the Hudson Valley full time last year. I designed vases galore for West Elm and have worked for some awesome designers. I love all ceramics but slipcasting really satisfies my design side and I love being able to make multiples. 

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